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Why Should You Have Ice Cream in Every Event?

Why Should You Have Ice Cream in Every Event?

If you happen to ask ten people of different age groups whether they like ice cream, chances are, they all do.

Well, who doesn’t love ice creams?

This sweetened frozen food is typically eaten as a snack or dessert. The delicious ice cream is the perfect topper to any occasion: a birthday, a baby shower or an office party. You can make loved ones swoon with chocolate strawberries ice cream for Valentine’s Day or relax with a cappuccino sundae cup in November and December.

When you’re planning for your next event hiring an ice cream van is the perfect way to “OMG!” your guests. Customise your ice cream social with your favourite flavours, toppings, and set-up.

Let’s look at some top reasons why you should choose ice creams for your events.

  1. There are Lots of Flavours 
    If you have guests coming to your organised event, it might be confusing what to serve. You want your guests to be happy with the food and desserts, right? 
    With ice creams, you can never go wrong. There are so many flavours – right from chocolate crunchy cones in waffle varieties with a gourmet choice of toppings including sprinkles, sherbet, chopped nuts, chocolate dip, fruits and bacon that there’s always a flavour for everyone. An ice cream van is also stocked up with strawberry, blueberry and cola slushies that are perfect for any occasion on a hot summer’s day.
  2. It’s the Ideal Treat for Any Season
    Have some outdoor private events planned for the summer? Delight your guests with tasty cool scoops with ice cream van hire! If you have a fundraiser coming up in the winter, your guests can enjoy the hot food with some chilled ice creams to bring out the best of the cold.
  3. It’s Easy and Hassle-Free
    One of the most significant advantages of offering ice creams at events is that they are super easy to eat. Your guests can enjoy them in a cone anywhere! Whether it’s a big concert with a vast crowd, a kid’s birthday party or an annual event at your office, it’s the easiest to eat dessert.
  4. It Works for Both, Big and Small Functions
    Some desserts and food items don’t work for a small party or some others that are impossible to serve lots of customers. With ice cream, you don’t have to worry about the size of your guest list. Whether there are 20 or 200, soft serve ice cream works great. There are no waiting lines and no prep time!
  5. It’s an Affordable Option
    Compared to catering companies who might charge a lot for your dessert, ice cream van are much more affordable. You can get a dazzling modern van at your venue with options of different cones, standard and special toppings at a cost-effective price.

Besides, if you’re hosting a fundraising event, many ice cream van companies will contribute their earnings toward your goal.

Give your guests a memorable experience at your event with a scoop of joy and happiness! Whether you need ice cream van hire in Sydney or in Perth, no one feels sad after they’ve had their favourite flavour of ice cream!

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