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How to make a Successful Fundraising Event with Ice Cream Van?

How to make a Successful Fundraising Event with Ice Cream Van?

Ice cream vans can be another form of revenue generating for schools, charities and other organisations that have the ability to draw a large crowd as well as have a worthy cause to support.  The larger the event, the more money that can be raised and a booking fee is usually also not required.However, with a new ice cream van popping up in the market every other day, it can be a challenge to hire one that offers you great value for money in terms of product quality and services within your stipulated budget.

That being said, a little research of the market and getting recommendations from your family members and friends who might have taken up such services in the past, will go a long way in choosing a reputed ice cream van for your special event.

Ice Cream Van Hire for Successful Fundraising Events

A fundraising event may be described as an event that is organised specifically to draw charity from the attendees for a social cause. There can be a wide variety of fundraising events that may be arranged for the benefit of schools, non profit organisations, NGOs and so on.

Since the success of such fundraising events is largely influenced by the footfall of attendees, it is essential to make them as attractive and exciting as possible to lure larger crowds. The more the number of people attending a fundraising event, the greater the pool of funds you can generate for a charitable cause.

As such, hiring an ice cream van for fundraising event can do wonders by attracting more people to the premises and urging them to linger for longer periods and contribute generously for your cause.

There are several reputed ice cream van companies in Australia that have targeted sales strategies for fundraising events. These ice cream van companies sell their high-quality desserts to the attendees of the fundraising event and donate a stipulated percentage (10%-20%) of the proceeds to the school, NGO or charitable non profit organisation of your choice.
The ice cream van companies have technologically advanced systems for tracking the proceeds of the fundraising event and then contributing the pre-decided proportion towards a social cause.

Choosing an Ice Cream Van for your Fundraising Event

  • Since food plays a critical role in attracting and retaining the attention of the guests at fundraising events, you must focus on ice cream van hire that focuses on providing a high-quality flavorful product.
  • The ice-cream van should make use of high-quality ingredients to prepare their ice creams from scratch and take great care of maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the premises.
  • Since ice creams are primarily a dairy based product, they are prone to cross contamination and getting easily spoilt. As such, the ice cream van must have the required equipment to store the product in sterile conditions.
  • The ice cream van must have trained professionals who are well versed with the various types of food allergies and are adept at maintaining sanitary conditions while handling the edibles.
  • The ice cream van must offer a suitably sized menu where there something for everyone!
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