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Ice Cream Van Business

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A fantastic working lifestyle for people who like being around people …

Running an ice cream van business can be a rewarding venture both financially and spiritually for anybody who wants to be their own boss.

Serving and entertaining smiling kids and interacting with the community ensures that ice cream van business owners can remain passionate and satisfied in their jobs, while making a good income.

For the ice cream van business owner, the good income can be sourced through traditional street crawling, as well as attending events where ice cream lovers form long queues to get served their favourite treats.

When the lines are long, an ice cream van operator needs to be able to serve ice cream cones quickly but typically the demands of the job are not high if the operator pays attention to detail and regularly maintains stock and keeps the van and the ice cream machine clean.

An ice cream van business owner should also invest wisely in their number one asset, the van, by buying a modern van that looks dazzling on the outside and has the latest equipment inside, including a reliable ice cream machine and a top of the line silent generator.

If you are interested in becoming an ice cream van business owner or operator then Oz Ice Cream Vans can assist with our wealth of knowledge in the industry.  We offer lucrative employment opportunities for our van operators and we can also build and supply state of the art vans for any existing or soon-to-be ice cream van business owners.

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