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Delicious Ice Cream Van Menu

With Oz Ice Cream Van Hire you can always expect large servings of the tastiest soft serve ice cream dipped in the finest chocolate and coated with your favourite premium toppings.

Our ice cream van menu has crunchy cones in single, double and waffle varieties with a gourmet choice of toppings including sprinkles, sherbet, chopped nuts, chocolate dip, Kit Kat and Flake.

With Oz ice cream van hire you will have a range of sweets to choose from such as fairy floss, popcorn and confectionery as well as a selection of chilled drinks including water, soft drink, sports drinks and energy drinks.

For an extra sweet treat, our ice cream van menu also includes strawberry, blueberry and cola slushies that are perfect on a hot summer’s day.   Also your soft serve ice cream cone or sundae cup can be drizzled with one of six different flavoured syrups – chocolate, caramel, cappuccino, strawberry, banana or spearmint.


Most importantly, our ice cream van menu items are safe and handled in a responsible manner:

  • We use the best products and ingredients we can source from reputable suppliers.
  • Our staff are allergy aware and trained to prevent cross contamination issues.
  • Our staff are trained in food handling and best hygiene techniques.
  • Our ice cream machines are cleaned thoroughly and sterilized on a regular basis.
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Ice Cream Van for Events

Event Specialists

From large concerts to private functions, Oz Ice Cream Vans can contribute to making your next event a successful and memorable one.

Ice Cream Van Products

Quality Products

Oz Ice Cream Van staff are trained in food handling, equipment sanitation and allergy awareness to ensure our tasty products are also very safe.

Ice Cream Van for Fundraising Events


Don’t just dazzle your audience with an Oz Ice Cream Van.  Make money at the same time with our monitored Fundraising Policy.