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Ice Cream Vans For Sale

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Oz Ice Cream Vans, made to last …

Oz Ice Cream Vans are for sale Australia wide and that is a good thing for the soft serve ice cream van industry.  By building and selling top quality vans it means there are more large vans in the market that can cater for any size event.  The vehicles, plant and machinery are also top of the range so it means our vans can turn up on time, every time and get the job done.

The ice cream vans for sale have a large body so they can fit the required generator, air conditioner, ice cream machines, slushie machines, fridges and other plant.  Storage and working space are maximised with a qualified cabinet maker fitting out the cupboards and benches and insulating the van from the outside temperatures.

A qualified electrician checks all the vans wiring and electrical devices including the generator while a RCD is also installed.  All these electrical devices and machines in our ice cream vans for sale are modern and from the best brands on the market.

Driver safety is important so all our ice cream vans for sale are fully serviced with new tyres, tinted windows and an even distribution of weight throughout the vehicle.

Technology is an important part of any ice cream van we sell.  A modem that works on the cellular network is installed so you have access to Wi-Fi internet while on the job.  Wired external security cameras are fitted for safety as well as internal security cameras for monitoring staff and monetary transactions.  A reversing camera is also fitted to keep the patrons safe at busy events.

For more information on ice cream vans for sale, feel free to contact us at Oz Ice Cream Vans and we are more than happy to assist.

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