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Buying an Ice Cream Van

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What to look for when buying an ice cream van …

Buying a quality ice cream van is a good investment but how do you know if you are getting a good ice cream van?  It is good to know as much as possible about the van structure, the machinery and of course the reliability of the vehicle.

Much effort goes into building an ice cream van of good structure.  Behind those ice cream machines, drink fridges and cabinets is a host of things most people don’t think about.  Firstly high quality and properly fitted insulation is a requirement to maintain a safe working temperature while operating the van on a hot day.  Also there is cabling for machines that require power, as well as security cameras and LED lighting.  It is important that a RCD is fitted and the electrical wiring is signed off by a qualified electrician.

A top of the range, efficient and quiet generator is a must to have on any ice cream van you are buying.  A working generator can be the difference between a good and a bad day as it has to power all the lights, machines and fridges when you are serving at an event without backup power.  Just as important is a quality, modern ice cream machine.  Buying an ice cream van with the best quality ice cream machine means you can serve the perfect ice cream at a fast pace day after day and it makes the most important task of cleaning and sterilizing an easy experience instead of a tiresome chore.

When you buy a van to convert to an ice cream van it is important that the vehicle is modern and spacious.  Older vans can mean more potential problems while modern vans can usually be sourced for not much more cost.  Buying a fully fitted ice cream van may throw up some unwanted surprised unless you know it has been built by a reputable company like Oz Ice Cream vans and it comes with the accompanying paper work.

There is much more to consider when buying an ice cream van so contact Oz Ice Cream Vans today if you would like some advice on buying or building your next ice cream van.

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